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Pine pollen powder is a traditional Chinese medicine that has been proven to be a highly concentrated natural supplement. Modern science has shown that pine pollen is a rich source of vitamins and minerals.

Pine pollen has many different benefits that make it one of the most potent and cost-effective natural supplements around. These benefits make pine pollen one of the most effective natural treatments for a wide variety of health problems.

Best of all, pine pollen is not a drug or an artificial supplement. Instead, it is a natural super food capable of strengthening the body.

Benefits of Pine Pollen
Some of the beneficial side effects from pine pollen include the following :

Naturally detoxifying the body. The environment that we live in is heavily polluted with a wide variety of toxic chemicals that cause many health problems. To make matters worse, much of our food is contaminated with toxins. Pine pollen contains sterol brassinosteroid brassinolide which helps the body dispose of toxic chemicals.

Pine pollen is a potent anti-inflammatory substance. Inflammation has been proven to be the cause of a wide variety of health problems. Pine pollen naturally reduces inflammation without affecting healthy cells.

Increases antiviral activity. Many Americans and Canadians suffer from chronic viral infections such as Herpes and the common cold. Pine pollen contains two potent antivirals, brassinolide and castasterone. Tests show that these antivirals can be up to 18 times stronger than the popular antiviral drug ribavirin.

Regulates the prostate. Pine pollen contains the plant steroid Gibberellins which can regulate the size of the prostate. This can alleviate or prevent an enlarged prostate and help prevent prostate cancer.

Protects the body from free radicals. Pine pollen is a potent source of superoxide dismutase which has been proven to reduce the number of free radicals in the body by breaking down oxygen molecules that can damage tissues and cause problems in the heart, liver, and brain.

Boosts testosterone. Pine pollen is rich in hormones that can enhance the body’s ability to produce testosterone and increase the level of that important hormone in the bodies of both men and women. Low testosterone levels can lead to many health problems including fatigue and sexual dysfunction.

Stimulates the immune system. Many people suffer from weakened immune systems because of pollution, poor diet, and infections. Pine pollen contains polysaccharides, sugars that naturally stimulate the immune system and enhance the body’s ability to fight infection.

Increases levels of energy. Many people have low levels of energy because their body has low levels of the hormone dehydroepiandrosterone or DHEA. Pine pollen naturally increases the level of DHEA which can raise your energy level.

Improved sexual health in men. Pine pollen contains the amino acid arginine which can increase the blood flow to the penis. Increasing the blood flow to the penis can increase fertility, end erectile dysfunction, and improve sperm count.

Helps prevent metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome can lead to such problems as obesity, low energy, coronary heart disease, and Type II diabetes. By increasing the level of DHEA, pine pollen speeds up the metabolism which can reverse the symptoms of metabolic syndrome.

Enhanced mental activity and a better attitude. By increasing the level of DHEA in the bloodstream, pine pollen increases brain functions and improves clarity. This can prevent mental health problems such as depression and give a person a better mental attitude.

Taking pine pollen every day. It is one of the best things a person can do to improve his or her overall health. Those who are suffering from fatigue, depression, sexual dysfunction, and similar problems related to age should definitely give pine pollen a try.

Health tips for Pine pollen tea

  • Expels fatigue and stress and makes you feel relaxed
  • Neutralizes the effects of alcoholic drinks like hangovers
  • Increases body’s antioxidation ability and prevents cancer
  • Retards process of aging and maintains youthful look
  • Promotes blood circulation and brightens the face
  • Contributes to better vigor and health
    ANEMIA ;

Anemia is defined as low blood haemoglobin concentration
Causes of anemia ;

  • Acute / chronic blood loss
  • Inadequate production of normal red cells by bone marrow
  • Excessive destruction of red blood cells due to infections or certain medications
  • Anemia due to generalized or special nutrient deficiency
    Green World pine pollen tea and spirulina plus capsule are a good remedy for anaemia and related illness.


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