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Green World Cordyceps Plus Capsules is Considered as a rare and precious herb by TCM, Cordyceps is rich in amino acids, vitamins, and trace elements essential to human body. It also contains adenosine, nucleotide, mannitol, polysaccharides, cordycepin, and unsaturated fatty acids, which help regulate body functions. Enriched with American ginseng, Green World Cordyceps Plus Capsule can be used as an immune-regulator and an alternative for chronic respiratory and renal diseases. It is also an adaptogen which increases body’s tolerance against anoxia, high-intensity exercise and stress.
Characteristics and Benefits :

  1. Improves immunity against attacks of microorganisms ;
  2. Possess anti-cancer property ;
  3. Enhances functions of the liver, lungs and kidney ;
  4. Provides energy for those who suffer from chronic fatigue.

Key knowledge :
About cordyceps sinensis : Cordyceps Sinensis has been appreciated for many centuries in traditional Chinese medicine. In nature it is found only at high altitudes on the Himalayan Plateau and is thus difficult to harvest. Because of such difficulties, Cordyceps has always been one of the most expensive medicinal herbs. Its high price had relegated its availability almost exclusively to members of the Emperor’s court and others among the Chinese nobility and historically beyond the reach of the average Chinese subject. Modern cultivation techniques have made the mycelium of this caterpillar borne fungus more readily available, lowering its cost on the world market, and allowing for more in-depth research into its

medicinal potential. Cordyceps has been found to contain a broad range of effective bioactive compounds such as cordyceps sinensis polysaccharide, cordyceps sinensis acid, cordycepin and adenosine that are beneficial to many human health conditions.
An immune booster : Synergistically acts with Ginseng, Cordyceps Plus Capsule strengthens the immune system to help the body resist and withstand the attacks from microorganisms such as bacteria, virus and parasites.
Respiratory benefits : Cordyceps strengthens respiratory system. It is beneficial for chronic cough, bronchitis, pulmonary tuberculosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and asthma.
Kidney benefits : Cordyceps and ginseng are traditionally used as kidney tonics. Clinically, it has been proved that Cordyceps can significantly improve both the kidney function and overall immune function in patients who suffer from chronic renal failure.
Liver benefits : Cordycpes has been shown in nearly all clinic studies to enhance the efficient functioning of the liver. In Asia, Cordyceps has been broadly introduced as a herbal remedy for chronic hepatitis B and C.
Anti-cancer property : Antitumor and immuno – stimulating activities were observed in the treatment of tumour and cancer when Cordyceps is used as an adjunct to chemotherapy, radiation, and other conventional and traditional cancer treatments.

Suitable for :

  • People with compromised immunity ;
  • People with weakened functioning of liver, lungs or kidney ;
  • Seniors with decreased general wellbeing ;
  • People with chronic fatigue
  • Athletes with increased demand of energy
    Daily health care : it is a tonic and preventive measure.

Dosage and Directions for Use : Take 1 to 2 capsules orally each time with lukewarm water. Take 1 to 2 times daily.


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