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Green World Protein Powder is rich in soybean whey protein, whey, plant protein powder, immune egg protein and lecithin.
green world protein powder
Extracted from plant sources, this product contains all amino acids required by human body, 22 amino acids among which 9 are essential. Green World Protein Powder sufficiently provides the daily requirement of proteins and is low in calories and fat. It is free of cholesterol, hormones, and antibodies, generally found in animal proteins. With high solubility and absorbability, it can be taken with milk, beverage, water, or used to cook soup or broth.
It is a nutritious foodstuff which contains more than 90% of high quality protein

Provides 20 kinds of amino acids especially the 9 essential amino acids required by the body for growth and repair of tissues
Leucine : required for tissue repair after sugery, muscle mass, blood sugar (diabetics), stress, Human growth hormone, protein synthesis, bone health, skin, weight loss and blood hemoglobin
Isoleucine : required for mental disorders, tissue rebuild after surgery, energy, muscle, endurance and blood hemoglobin
Valine : required for mental, emotional disorders, glycogen production, alcohol and drug recovery
Lysine : required for calcium absorption, bone concentration, fertility, herpes, cholesterol, hormones, enzymes, triglycerides, immune system, skin, collagen and migraines
Methionine : treatment of Parkinsonism, heavy metals, collagen, antioxidant, pancreatitus, endometriosis, liver fat, estrogen, Arthritis, hair, skin, nails and depression
Phenylalanine : required for chronic pain, endorphins, alcohol and drug recovery, menstral cramps, migraines, parkinsons, melanoma, Vitiligo and tumors
Threonine : required for tooth enamel, protein balance, immune system, collagen, skin, blood sugar (diabetics), thymus gland, nervous system, stress, bones, wound healing, Parkinsons and multiple Sclerosis
Tryptophan : required for nerves, anxiety, mental depression, sleep, insomnia, migraines, fibromyalgia, niacin (vitamin B3) production and nicotine withdrawal.
Histidine : required for repair of tissue, stomach gastric juices, digestion, nerves, ulcers, heavy metals, red and white blood cells production, blood pressure and sexual functioning.
Recommended Use :
• It is recommended to those who require sufficient protein intake, such as children, adolescence, pregnant women, and the elderly.
• It is especially recommended to people who are physically unfit or at convalescence
Dosage and directions for use :
1-2 times a day, 1-2 spoons each time. World Brand Protein Powder can be dissolved with milk, beverage and water. It can also be added into the food, vegetable and soup, etc.
Caution :
People with severe Liver and Kidney impairment must restrict their protein intake. So this product is not recommended for those who have Liver and Renal failure
Protein-Energy malnutrition ;
Marasmus ; occurs when you are malnourished for long periods of time. Muscle and fat stores will decrease in your body. The elderly are most vulnerable to marasmus.
Kwashiorkor ; Prolonged luck of Kwashiorkor is stress-induced. It is more severe than marasmus because it results in death move rapidly.
Marasmic – Kwashiorkor ; This will occur if you are malnourished for a long time for example in a severe accident company information


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