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Green World Blueberry Eye Care Softgel

Green World Blueberry Eye Care Softgel is rich in natural antioxidants – anthocyanins. Working synergistically with OPC – grape seed extract, they prevent capillaries from being damaged by free radicals. Known as “repairman of capillaries in the eye”, anthocyanins assist in regeneration of rhodopsin, a key pigment in retina important to dim vision. This product can improve micro-circulation of the eyes thus alleviating eyestrain. Rutin, one of its components, can reduce the damage of retina by radiation of blue light with short wavelength.
Characteristics and Benefits Green World Blueberry Eye care softgel :

  1. Provides the eyes with all the nutrients neede and improves blood circulation of the eyes ;
  2. Maintains health status of capillary blood vessels, relieves strain, pain and dryness of eyes ;
  3. Protects the lentis, prevents and improves the condition of eyes disorders such as the falling vision, senile glaucoma, cataract, presbyopia, hemorrihage of the retina, pseudomyopia, amblyopia, myopia, diabetic retinopathy, retinitis pigmentosa and night blindness etc
  4. Improves eyesight and increases visual acuity
    Green world Blueberry Eye Care softgel is suitable for :
  • People who work under adverse environment, i.e people work in IT industry, white collars who always use computer, drivers, people who work under bright or dim light, people who watchn TV for long time.
  • People who need to prevent or improve eye disorders ;
  • People, who need to protect their eyes, relive asthenopia and delay eye degeneration.
    Green World Eye Care Softgel Can Fulfill The Nutrients Needed For Eye And Drug Disorders, Eye Fatigue, Improve Circulation In The Eyes, Maintain Capillary Health, Reduce Fatigue, Pain And Dryness In The Eyes. Protect The Lens Of The Eye, Prevent Decreased Vision, Prevent And Treat Glaucoma In The Elderly, Cataracts And Presbyopia. Prevent Dry Eyes, Red Eyes, Itchy Eyes, Farsightedness, Blindness Caused By Radiation From A Computer Or Tv.

Eye Care Softgel Is Very Suitable As An Eye Protection Product, As We Know In The Current Era Or Technology Era. Some People Have Gadgets Especially Those In Big Cities, Even Some People Have More Than One Gadget. And With Easy Internet Access, The Average Person Spends Hours To See Gadgets Whether Just Browsing The Internet Or Watching On Youtube. This Without Realizing It Can Cause Problems In Eye Function, Such As Eye Fatigue , Dry Eyes And Others.

Green World Eye Care Softgel Is Effective As A Drug For Eye And Eye Disorders .Eye care softgel is A Product That Can Help You To Overcome The Problem In The Eye Or Just Take Precautions. Better To Prevent Than Cure. Eye Care Is Very Effective As A Medicine For Eye Disorders.


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