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Main Ingredient : Natural Bamboo Vinegar Extracts, Vitamin C, Chitosan, Botanical Extracts
Characteristicsand Benefits :

.Pumps out toxins and wastes from acupoints
.Alleviates pain and strains of skin, muscle and joints

Suitable For :

  • People at sub-health status
  • People who endure long term stand, walk and computer radiation
  • People with lumbago, arthritis and muscle pain
    Key Knowledge

How toxins sabotage our health ? Toxins are produced in the process of metabolism, which can accumulate in joints and soles and affects blood circulation. Diseases like arthritis, dermatosis, allergy and hypertension caused by toxin accumulation can severely affect people’s life. Experiments conducted by Japanese scientists have found that Magic Detoxin pad can eliminate the dampness and toxins from the body.
How does Magic Detoxin Pad purify our body ? This product takes the extract of natural bamboo vinegar and other botanical extracts as its main composition. With the marvelous toxin absorptive capacity, bamboo vinegar extracts can intercept and seize the metabolic wastes, waste fluid and lipid in acupoints then expel them in the pad. It pumps out retained water, eliminate long-accumulated dampness and toxins within the body, thus achieving the goal of blood purification.
A large number of anions contained in this product are tested to be able to reach acupoints through the skin, restrain toxic cations, and convert unhealthy acid body fluid into alkaline body fluid. Meanwhile, strong far-infrared rays which can activate the body and stimulate parasympathetic nerve system of the vegetative nerves can be released
What do you observe after you use Magic Detoxin Pad ? It is natural to see the greasy secretion on the pad, which is the toxin coming from the body. By repeated use, the toxin inside your body will decrease. Thus the color of the pad and volume of the lipid secreted from the body decline.
How to use Magic Pad ?
Cleanse the skin and paste the pad on the acupoints of the sole or other parts of the body such as joints, palms, waist, shoulders, back and limp shank, weary foot and overexcited muscle. Let the ventilating side face the skin and the slickenside with printed characters be pasted on the gluey sheet. After utilizing, tear off the pad and clean the skin with water. A pad and gluey sheet can be used only once.
This product is for external use only
Don’t apply on the skin of babies, wounds, eyes or mucous membranes
Discontinue usage if hypersensitive to active ingredients or when the skin feels any irritation and discomfort ;
Apply immediately when opened


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