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Green World Super Nutrition provides us a cocktail of nutrients such as antioxidants, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and dietary fibers. As the key ingredient, low-temperature permeability technique is adopted to ensure the bioavailability of the anthocyanins in the blueberry extract.

Characteristics and benefits

  1. Provide rich & balanced nutrients
  2. An ideal meal replacement for weight control
  3. Protect 60 trillions of body cells against free radical attack
  4. Improve absorption of amino acids
  5. No adverse effect against teeth
  6. Improve bone building & bone density
  7. Reduce blood viscosity
  8. Improve the production of nitric oxide which dilates the arteries to lower blood pressure
  9. Accelerate metabolism of fat (triglycerides & cholesterol)

The common properties of Blueberry Super Nutrition
* Antioxidant
* Anti-inflammation
* Anti-cancer
* Brain protector
* Lower blood sugar
* Lower blood pressure
* Lower blood lipid
* Anti aging
Suitable for

**People have unbalanced diet (breakfast skippers, junk food lovers)
*People of sub-health status (compromised immunity)
*People under stress
*People on diet or weight control program
Recommended Use :

.It is recommended to people with malnutrition, compromised immunity, or those at sub-health status.
Mix 1 bag of Blueberry Super Nutrition with water, juice, milk, yoghourt or breakfast cereal. Take 1-2


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